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Voice Control

Voice control can be a very efficient keyboard alternative, but the different software have different philosophies.


Dragonfly is a framework that abstracts several speech recognition backends and lets you program domain specific grammars for voice control. Dragonfly is not an out-of-the-box solution in itself, but there is another project called Caster, which builds on it and comes configured with rules and grammars for different domains. Caster is for people who would like something that focuses on high-level application and programming language specific phrases, and takes the role of their text editor and window manager. It works on Linux (X11 only), Windows and Mac.


Numen is a simple alternative to a keyboard where you type by saying syllables and literal words. It's for people who would just like something close to a keyboard so they can use standard keyboard-focused tools without any integration or switching between phrases. It works system-wide on Linux.