Handsfree FOSS

My Setup

These are the main programs I use, but they're just the same power user tools I'd use if I typed with a keyboard instead of voice control.

Window Manager

I use a tiling window manager so applications don't need to be dragged about and I can navigate them nicely just like I would with a keyboard. My favorite is bspwm, but there are others like Sway and dwm.

Text Editor

The text editor I use is Neovim, which lets me do fancy autocompletion and modal editing like *indent to end of block* and *capitalize every first word* without anything voice specific. I recommend turning on relative line numbers (:set relativenumber number) so you can easily see you want to *comment out five lines* or *go down eight*.

Web Browser

The web browser I use is qutebrowser, which lets you *click that link* or *copy that block of code* by typing a couple keys. It's homepage also has a list alternative tools, including add-ons for Firefox and Chromium.


It's nothing too crazy, but I use the urxvt terminal emulator with an extension so I can select things from the buffer vim-style. There's a similar patch for st.

I also get a lot from shell autosuggestions.

Getting My Setup

I've packaged my setup as a desktop environment so it's easy to install (and uninstall!) my configs. It's got bunch of other small niceties for voice control like a shell-based filepicker and universal pasting with the media key.