Each of the following are accessed through your instance, for example:

const handsfree = new Handsfree({hands: true})

// Accessing the start method
  • .disablePlugins() – Disables plugins by plugin tag
  • .emit() – Triggers an event on the document with a handsfree- namespace
  • .enablePlugins() – Enables plugins by plugin tag
  • .hideDebugger() – Hides the visual feedback and adds helper classes to the body
  • .normalize() – A helper method to normalize values between 0 and 1
  • .on() – A helper method for listening to .emit() or browser events prefixed with handsfree-
  • .pause() – Pauses the main loop without shutting off the webcam stream
  • .runPlugins() – Manually sets and runs all active plugins
  • .showDebugger() – Shows the visual feedback and adds helper classes to the body
  • .start() – Starts the main loop and begins tracking
  • .stop() – Stops the main loop and tracking
  • .throttle() – An alias to lodash.throttle function which is used to throttle (or limit the number of times) the passed function is called over a given amount of milliseconds
  • .TweenMax() – An alias to gsap’s TweenMax function which is used to tween (or smoothen) values over time
  • .unpause() – Unpauses the main loop
  • .update() – Updates your handsfree.config and loads any missing dependencies
  • .use() – Adds callback functions to the main loop that can be toggled on/off