Date Version Description
2020-03-07 8.4.3 Fixes filename casing issue that prevented Handsfree.js from building on Linux
2020-02-26 8.4.2 Adds ability to use a video or stream instead of a webcam
2020-02-18 8.4.0 Removes the MediaPipe Holistic model. The holistic model is essentially the same as running Hands, Facemesh, and Pose together, although because the holistic data is structured differently (despite using the same models) it led to a lot of confusion and was incompatible with plugins.
2020-02-06 8.3.0 Adds basic gesture support through the Gesture Creator. This is still mostly undocumented
2020-01-28 8.2.6 Adds and to MediaPipe Hands, which contain the landmarks for each hand in specific indexes:

.landmarks[0] === Left Hand, Person #1

.landmarks[1] === Right Hand, Person #1

.landmarks[2] === Left Hand, Person #2

.landmarks[3] === Right Hand, Person #2

2020-01-27 8.2.4 Improved the pinchScroll plugin so that it continuously scrolls (instead of having to release and pinch again); .handsfree-started is added to body of a client install (opens new window) (useful in Browser Extensions); merges the Handsfree Browser Extension to improve iteration feedback cycle (not documented yet); disabling the last active model turns off the camera; fixes a few Weboji bugs that prevented it from working with other models
2020-01-25 8.2.3 palmPointers plugin and faceClick now emit mousedown, mousemove, mousedrag, and mouseup instead of just click
2020-01-18 8.2.2 Adds new palmPointers plugin and updates the pinchScroll plugin to support all hands. Also adds a new /boilerplate/cdn/pinch-scrolling.html
2020-01-13 8.2.1 Adds new normalized helper: These [x, y, z] are similar to .handpose.landmarks but normalized between [0, 1]
2020-01-06 8.2.0 Adds TensorFlow Handpose including a basic THREE boilerplate remixed from @LingDong-‘s handpose-facemesh-demos (opens new window), and a fingertip raycaster
2020-01-01 8.1.2 Fixes Face Pointer offsets, which was causing the pointer to assume you were facing straight up πŸ˜†
2020-12-31 8.1.1 Adds pinchers Plugin for easily working with finger pinches through events, new properties, and styles
2020-12-30 8.1.0 Adds .showDebugger(), .hideDebugger(), and helper classes. Renames feedback to debugger
2020-12-29 8.0.10 Fixes a bug where handsfree.debug.$video had 0 width and height; Fixed issue where the webcam feed was not showing behind model wireframes when handsfree.config.showDebug === true
2020-12-28 8.0.9 Adds isClient Mode for remote inference. .runPlugins() .TweenMax(), .throttle(), reduced filesize by 80kb+
2020-12-22 8.0.7 Adds handsfree.model.weboji.isDetected