Author: Oz Ramos


Updating and switching models

handsfree.update(config, callback) can be used to update Handsfree in real time, even as it’s actively running. The passed config will override the existing one, and the callback will get called after all new models are loaded (or immediately if all models are already loaded). In addition to reconfiguring models you can also enable/disable them, as well…

Plugins and the main loop

When you run handsfree.start(callback) a loop is started that does 4 things: Synchronously updates all models and stores their data in handsfree.model[modelName].data Triggers a handsfree-data event on the document with an object containing all the data Runs all active plugins stored in handsfree.plugin[pluginName] Runs the callback after all models have been loaded “Plugins” are the recommended way of…